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Helping you access the hidden cash in your property

Cash For Your Backyard is an Australian-owned company that specialises in helping property owners sell the part of their backyard they are not using. You can downsize simply by staying in your comfortable home and selling that excess land … No more weekends wasted mowing the lawn!

Cash For Your Backyard can you top up retirement funds, pay off debts, or go on that holiday while retaining 100 per cent equity in your home and reduced land portion.

You can access part of your wealth without having to move house or mortgaging your home. Cash For Your Backyard can help you devise a win-win solution in which you remain in your home, maintain your ties to your family, friends and community and achieve financial stability with no loans or interest payments.

With 3 easy steps Cash For Your Backyard can help you realise your ultimate dream and … live happily ever after!

We can help you today and, better still, it doesn’t need to cost you anything.

3 Easy steps
Cash For Your Backyard - Step 1

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and site assessment. We evaluate your property, including council requirements, to determine if it’s suitable.

Cash For Your Backyard - Step 2

Together we negotiate a fair cash offer and enter into an agreement to purchase your backyard, in consultation with your legal representative.

Cash For Your Backyard - Step 3

We apply for town planning permits, arrange for title and subdivision – all at no cost to you. We pay you for your backyard.

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