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Completed Projects

Kemp Street, Ringwood

Front house retained – Existing house repainted – New garage built to client specifications for existing home – New fences and driveway – Rear land sold and 2 new homes eventually built on purchased land

Living in the house that once belonged to his mother, Frank was enjoying life except for the small matter of his finances. In his mid-60s he was keen for a new car, a garage and perhaps some travel. Then there was the issue of maintaining his large backyard. Frank was more than happy with his home, loved the area with its transport and medical links, and had a fantastic network of friends. Mary from Cash For Your Backyard and Frank negotiated a fair price to purchase part of Frank’s backyard, and added value to his home with a new driveway, fencing and landscaping.

Warraburra Avenue, Rosebud | Projects
Warraburra Avenue, Rosebud | Projects

Warraburra Avenue, Rosebud – Multiple townhouses

Front house retained – Existed house renovated to remove old unused extension – New fencing to existing home – Rear land sold and a new double storey-dwelling built on it

Pam and Max had taken out a reverse mortgage to make their golden years more comfortable. But they soon found the interest they paid was reducing the equity in the main asset they had worked so hard to build. The solution for lasting peace of mind was close at hand. After meeting Mary, they agreed to sell their backyard. In return, they removed several outbuildings and, in the process, added a garage and a new home. Mary from Cash For Your Backyard, in conjunction with the couple’s solicitors, freed them from their reverse mortgage and left them with additional cash, a new home and garage.

Magnolia Avenue, Bentleigh East | Projects
Magnolia Avenue, Bentleigh East | Projects

Magnolia Street, Bentleigh

Villa Unit

Content with the reassurance of having family members nearby, Agnes had no intention of ever leaving her home. She loved working in the op-shop and her visits with friends at the RSL, but she faced the dilemma in her 70s of needing cash to fund her retirement. Contacting Mary from Cash For Your Backyard, she found the ideal solution. As reward for selling a portion of her backyard, Agnes and her solicitor negotiated a settlement that ensures she will continue to play an active part in her community for years to come. Better yet, she retains a valuable asset she can pass to family.

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